Budlong Shop Team

With fewer than 10 employees at Budlong Motorsports, rest assured that you would have a personal customer service experience.  Each staff member will be there for YOU when you walk in the door, call over the phone, or contact Budlong Motorsports via E-mail.  Whether it be a question about parts, pricing for machine work, or just asking how things are progressing on your engine build, the Budlong Motorsports staff will be available for YOU!


Todd Budlong

20+ years experience as an engine builder, machinist, and has been active in the racing (oval track and drag racing) and automotive community for more then 20 years.


Expert engine builder, and machinist. The do it all man of the shop, there is not much he cant handle. Brian has been here since the doors have been open.


Our newest team member, With 20+ years of experience machining, we know he will be a great addition to the team as our head expert.


Between running the retail side of the business, the couple machines he is allowed to use, and taking care of all the import work we do, Andrew stays busy for us.

Random Slackers

Our most highly skilled position, these guys take out the trash, sweep, mop, break down cores and bare the prestigious title of 'Slacker'. There isn't much we couldn't do with out them!!

Showroom Inventory, Air Cleaners Engine Block in Showroom on stand


Todds Dirt Mod