Service List

We feature a full Machine shop, capable of anything from basic rebuilds, to creating 2,000+ HP Engines. These are a few of the Services available by our expert machinists and engine builders.


Balancing Cylinder Honing w/ Deck Plates
Balancing Service at Budlong Motorsports Cylinder Honing with Deck Plates Service at Budlong Motorsports
Engine Balancing is necessary to keep vibrations down and to keep the rotating assembly as safe as possible. Ant vibration in the rotating assembly can cost power, and shorten the life of your engine.
Cylinder honing achieves precise piston to wall clearance for every engine we build. Honing with deck plates will give the most accurate tolerances needed for high performance applications

Engine Assembly Valve Job
Engine Assembly Service at Budlong Motorsports Valve Job Service at Budlong Motorsports
All engines assembled are meticulously checked and assembled with the most advanced equipment available. All tolerances are checked thoroughly through out the process in our dedicated, clean engine building room.  Our engine builders have well over 20 years of experience assembling high performance engines.
With our advanced stoneless Sunnen seat and guide machine, we are able to maintain accuracy while machining valve seats.  We utilize a runout gauge to maintain high quality standards through the entire process.


Injector Testing and Cleaning Line Honing
Injector Testing and Cleaning Service at Budlong Motorsports Line Honing Service at Budlong Motorsports
Testing injectors (for uneven flow, stuck open, stuck shut, etc...)
Ultrasonic cleaning injectors
Remove filter and back flush injectors
Replace filter and O-rings with brand new filters and O-rings
Testing injectors (to get a more even flow and ensure they don’t stick open or closed)
Clean again and retest if necessary
Line honing is essential to ensuring proper bearing clearance for maximum engine life. This process will also ensure that all the mains are perfectly aligned and all on size. This is an essential step for high power and High RPM applications, aside from those situations, it will provide extended durability and engine life.

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